August, 1959 — Off to College


August '59 off to college

August 1959.  24 young men packed up and left home to attend a small, free, tough technical college in Long Island.  Four years later, 15 of them graduated with engineering degrees; nine others escaped captivity and are living freely out there somewhere.

Here are the original 24 adventurers and the 15 graduates of Webb ’63:

Original 24

The Class

This little blog provides some glimpses into that small group, most of whom are still good friends to this day, and a future I’m not sure we could have envisioned that afternoon at Sun Ship (see photo below).

Future, World - Sun Ship

Fortune Cookie and our Classmates

We had Chinese food last night — vegan dishes, of course.  I always throw out the fortune cookies, but Barbara opens them all, hers and mine.  Amazingly, after providing a short lesson in Mandarin for the day, mine foretold of a strange event.

Fortune - learn Chinese fortune cookie warning

All I could think of for future parties is the upcoming 50th Reunion in May, and one of the last photos I posted of us in this blog (below).  It should be a real bash.

no caption would do this justice!

strange customs, indeed!